Referee Upgrade

Welcome to the new Area 1-C Referee Upgrade Web Page. It is our goal to provide you with the information and tools necessary to become a better referee and upgrade your current referee certification. When you are ready to upgrade your current referee certification, look over the Area 1-C Assessment Guidelines and contact your Regional Referee Administrator (RRA) or Regional Director of Referee Assessment (RDA) for assistance. We will try to keep all the information current but we cannot be responsible for the content of the web links. The assessment tips and pregame information are excellent sources. That being said however, they should be used as guides to create your own pregame instructions as the content may not be current.

Section 1 National Assessment Policy Area 1-C Assessment Guidelines
Upgrade Application Fitness Requirements
AYSO/USSF Cross Certifications Service Unit Record
National Referee Program FIFA/AYSO Laws of the Game
Guidance for Referees USSF Advice to Referees (ATR)
Guide for Women Referees USSF Guide to Procedures
Manual for Youth Referees VIP Referee Manual
Assessment Tips and Pregame
Preparing for Assessment Bob Sawtell Pregame
AR Self Assessment Guide Gil Weber Pregame
AR Instructions Diagonal System of Control
AR Guide Ten Important Items
Mini Referee Guide  
Intermediate Sample Exam  
Advanced Sample Exam  
National Sample Exam  
AYSO National – US Soccer –
AYSO Section 1 – FIFA –
Ask the Ref – MLS Soccer –
Ask A Soccer Referee –

This page is for you, the Area 1-C Volunteer Referee. Is there a form, document, or guideline you need and can’t find? Is there something that you feel should be included? Would you like to contribute a photo or document to this page? Please contact the Area Director of Referee Assessment (ADRA) or the Area Referee Administrator (ARA) with your questions, ideas and contributions for consideration. Thank you