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The current Youth Development Program in Area 1C is the culmination of thirteen years of efforts to address the need by some parents and players for a program that allows players to develop their skills to a higher level, and participate in a higher level of play while still adhering to AYSO philosophies and avoiding the high fees and exclusionary philosophies of club programs. The YDP program is offered after the conclusion of the regular season and all-star programs for those players who want more soccer at a more competitive level.

This Season’s Program

For 2016, Area 1C is offering a

Blue Flight– This tier is designed to allow Section and Area All Star teams to continue to play and develop together as a team. Each region may enter up to two teams in Tier 1 of each division. If a region enters two teams in the same division, it must make sure that both teams are balanced. Playoffs will be set per the YDP Rules and Regulations. Due to the timing of the season and the conflicts anticipated with different school spring breaks, each team in the Blue Flight can request a weekend of pool play to go “dark” and not have games.

Red Flight– This tier is designed for individual player development of soccer skills and tactics in a less competitive atmosphere. If a region enters two or more teams in the same division, it must make sure that all teams are balanced. No standings will be kept during pool play and all teams will participate in a Tournament at the end of the YDP season to determine a Champion.


Schedule and Standings

AYSO 2015- Why we Volunteer

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YDP link for Referees

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Referees please use following link to check your assignments and to report scores and conduct.

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