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YDP Tournament – Overtime and Kicks

by Scott Davis on April 30, 2015

Referees, All Playoff Tournament games must have a winner.  You can tell if a game is a Playoff on the Referee Schedule in two ways:

  1. The entry on the Referee Schedule for Division (Div) ends in a “P”, “Q”, “S”, or “F”
  2. The Game No, Date, Time, etc. on the Referee Schedule is in color other than Aqua Blue.  Aqua Blue designates schedule changes and White indicates a regular pool play game.

If regulation time ends in a tie, play 2 complete overtime periods of 5 minutes each in U10, U12, and U14, or 10 minutes each in U16 and U19.  The overtime periods are played completely, without “Golden Goal” or Sudden Victory.  If the game is still tied after the overtime periods, proceed to Kicks From the Penalty Mark (KFTPM).

Please read the Overtime and KFTPM Sections 21(b) and 21(c) from the Combined Program Rules before you go out to referee any Playoff game.   Links to these sections are below.  It is not a bad idea to reread the YDP Referee Points of Emphasis, also linked below.

Do your best as always and Have fun!

YDP Referee Coverage – Rev 5.2

by Scott Davis on April 29, 2015

Version 5.2 of the YDP referee schedule has been released.  This version includes Play-off responsibilities for the coming weekends.  Changes from Version 5.0 are highlighted in Aqua Blue.   Referees for May 9 games are still to be determined after the teams are known Sunday evening.

Please note that some Team Refs from Play-off teams do have referee responsibilities this weekend.  Please check the schedule for details. 

Refs-2015 YDP 5.2 (2015-04-29)

This spreadsheet gives referee assignments for Team Referees and Region Assigners.   Open the spreadsheet and you can filter for your team name in the three referee columns.

Here is how referee coverage is determined for Team Referees:

  • U10/U12/U14, both Blue and Red Flights – Home team supplies two referees; away supplies one.  If the next game is an Upper Division game, area assigns the referee and the Home team can send someone home.  This applies to early round Play-off matches as well, and Play-off games may be followed by regular season games in some divisions.
  • Upper Division – Home team and Away teams each supply one AR.  Area assigns the referee.

If there are 2 or 3 games in a day on a field, the Team referees from the last game of the day supply referees to the first game, in accordance with the above.  If there is only one game or if there are more than 3 games, Area assigns a 3-person crew to the first game. Please note: For games covered by three Team Referees, the designation of who is Referee and who is AR is determined at the field, not based on the spreadsheet.


by Jane Mason on March 13, 2015

We are set for this weekend and the schedule has been uploaded to our reporting system.

We will be fine tuning next week, to even out games a little in some divisions, but most of you are set.


Have fun and thank you for your patience.

AYSO VIP Program

by Jane Mason on October 30, 2014

How many programs in this Nation include everyone, we are very lucky that we have a VIP program, so everyone can fit in to this great sport we play.

A coaches account: It is not always about the win, it is the experience as a coach that we can give.

VIPHanoz Kateli I have a player with autism on my U-12 soccer team and I am very proud to be his coach. The kid gives his best every single practice and game. Two weeks ago, I had one of the best moments in my coaching career when he scored a goal from the 18 yard line. Way to go kid !!! You make me and every player on our team proud.