The trouble with referees is that they just don’t care which side wins.

Referees are an integral part of any soccer program. In AYSO Area 1-C, our referees devote much time to learning the Laws of the Game and the proper application of those laws and they do it all without compensation. Referees are there to make sure the match is safe, fair and fun for all involved. Win or lose, please thank them for their service.


Reminders for All-Star Referees

by Scott Davis on January 26, 2016

Folks, we are three weekends into the All-Star season and the coverage has been outstanding!  Thank you for volunteering and allowing the kids to play in a safe environment.  I hope you are having fun out there too!

There are a couple items from the All Star Referee Points of Emphasis that need to be repeated.  Please help the program to run smoothly by observing the following points:

  • Photo IDs must be present and checked prior to the start of the game.  NO EXCEPTIONS
  • For players not in the game, a dash (-) means they are absent or injured, an X means they are sitting out that period.
  • Please develop an abhorrence for blank spaces on the Lineup Cards.  In other words, fill them out completely before you mail them.  24 hours is the guideline for mailing the cards.
  • Fill out the online Misconduct and Injury Report for the following.  The form is up and working properly.
    • any Misconduct, either a Caution or a Send-off or both
    • an Expulsion of a Coach, Assistant Coach or spectator.
    • any serious injury, i.e. any head injury or any injury where a player leaves the game and does not return.
  • And finally, please “Read the Rules.  Do it like that.”

Thanks for your continued cooperation.

Link: All-Star Schedule and Standings

by Jane Mason on January 22, 2016

Use same link for Referee assignments.