“The trouble with referees is that they just don’t care which side wins.”

Referees are an integral part of any soccer program. In AYSO Area 1-C, our referees devote much time to learning the Laws of the Game and the proper application of those laws and they do it all without compensation. Referees are there to make sure the match is safe, fair and fun for all involved. Win or lose, please thank them for their service.


YDP Referee Coverage – Rev 5.0

by Scott Davis on April 27, 2015

Version 5.0 of the YDP referee schedule has been released.  This version includes Play-off responsibilities for the coming weekends.  Changes from Version 4.3 are highlighted in Green.

Please note that some Team Refs from Play-off teams do have referee responsibilities this weekend.  Please check the schedule for details. 

Refs-2015 YDP 5.0 (2015-04-27)

This spreadsheet gives referee assignments for Team Referees and Region Assigners.   Open the spreadsheet and you can filter for your team name in the three referee columns.

Here is how referee coverage is determined for Team Referees:

  • U10/U12/U14, both Blue and Red Flights – Home team supplies two referees; away supplies one.  If the next game is an Upper Division game, area assigns the referee and the Home team can send someone home.  This applies to early round Play-off matches as well, and Play-off games may be followed by regular season games in some divisions.
  • Upper Division – Home team and Away teams each supply one AR.  Area assigns the referee.

If there are 2 or 3 games in a day on a field, the Team referees from the last game of the day supply referees to the first game, in accordance with the above.  If there is only one game or if there are more than 3 games, Area assigns a 3-person crew to the first game. Please note: For games covered by three Team Referees, the designation of who is Referee and who is AR is determined at the field, not based on the spreadsheet.