General News

To facilitate looking at the game schedules, we have added a schedule tab on our home page.

When checking on schedules, please go to the new Schedule tab.

Thank you

Section One Playoffs

by Jane Mason on January 14, 2015

Sorry for confusion on the calendar, but the following are correct

Section One Playoffs in Riverside are as follows:

All-Star: February 21-22

League: February 28- March 1

Fields & Weather

by Jane Mason on January 10, 2015

For current field status/closure -please check on the right side of the Area 1/C home page (to the right of this posting)

Email alerts will NOT be sent out for each field individually –

Thank you

All-Stars Website – NEW

by Jane Mason on January 9, 2015

Good news. The good news is that we have rolled out what I think is a pretty cool web site for all-stars. Here is the link:

The site should be self-explanatory to find your team. If you move the mouse over “home,” your division should show up and then your team will show up when you move the mouse over the division. Click the team to get to your team’s page. There you can click to your schedule.

What I need from you is to check your schedule and matches the schedule that I distributed a couple of days ago. Please let me know if everything is ok there.

My hope is to provide you with score reporting instructions by this weekend.

League Play Through RESULTS

by Jane Mason on December 16, 2014

Thank you to everyone that made this weekend possible, I know many of you put in many hours, so thank you again.

Here are the results from the weekend and the teams that make it through to Section One Play- Congratulations everyone.

2014 Playthrough Results