“A good coach will make his players see what they can be rather than what they are.”
–Ara Parasheghian

Coaches play an very important part in all AYSO Area 1-C programs. Coaches have more interaction with players than anyone else at the Area level. Coaches are responsible for developing the physical and mental skills of their players while keeping the game enjoyable for all. Coaches possess a passion for teaching and for the game of soccer. They devote countless hours to the AYSO program and do it all for free.


Section One Roadshow and Leo Nedeff Referee Camp

by Jane Mason on November 10, 2014

It is that time of year again for training, training, training.

So if you need Coach, Referee or Management training, you chance is coming up.

Date:  January 2-4th, 2015.

Place: Arcadia High School



The Leo Nedeff Referee Camp hosted by Area 1C, is running within the Roadshow



AYSO 2015- Why we Volunteer

by Jane Mason on October 7, 2014


by Jane Mason on September 3, 2014

To those who are participating in Area 1C interlocking program, Thank you.

Here are some documents and links to help you in your season.

Notes On Interlock :  Interlocking Agenda

List of Coaches and Coordinator Contacts:  Coaches & Coordinator Info- 2014

Rules of Play: Interlock Rules

BU14 Schedules:  BU14 Interlock

GU14 Schedule: GU14 Interlock

GU10 Schedule:  GU10 Interlock

GU12 Schedule:  GU12 Interlock Updated

BU12 Schedule:  BU12 Interlock

U12 and U14 schedules can also be found with updates on


NOTE: Please make sure you check your schedules weekly for any changes.


Game Cards

by Jane Mason on January 17, 2014

Go to and click on the All-Star Game/Ref Schedule
then choose a team to Show Team Schedule.  On the right hand side, you can
see the Print Game Card link.

Coach needs to prepare a roster list and save it for future use.  The format
is "#,Name", one player per line.  Copy the list into the TextArea and click
on NEXT.  The game card will show up with the TOP filled. -AYSO 2012

by Jane Mason on August 8, 2012