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AYSO VIP Program

by Jane Mason on October 30, 2014

How many programs in this Nation include everyone, we are very lucky that we have a VIP program, so everyone can fit in to this great sport we play.

A coaches account: It is not always about the win, it is the experience as a coach that we can give.

VIPHanoz Kateli I have a player with autism on my U-12 soccer team and I am very proud to be his coach. The kid gives his best every single practice and game. Two weeks ago, I had one of the best moments in my coaching career when he scored a goal from the 18 yard line. Way to go kid !!! You make me and every player on our team proud.


AYSO 2015- Why we Volunteer

by Jane Mason on October 7, 2014

Upper Division Schedule- Revisted V5

by Jane Mason on September 8, 2014

I apologize, yet again, I am on V5, with all the changes.

I am hoping that this is near as it can be, a couple of field changes, time changes, nothing to much to write home about.

BUT- Please check your schedule often as you can see it is a moving target!!!

AYSO National Games – 50th Anniversary

by Jane Mason on July 11, 2014

National Games Pic 1Wow, what a week!! I was based at Riverside for 8 days for the AYSO National Games, plus the 50th Anniversary of AYSO.

It was a long week of 14 hour days, but well worth it, made new friends from all over the country, learned and organized Soccerfest which was so much fun. During soccerfest as a coach you get to coach players from all over the USA, and as a player you are teamed up with players from all over the USA and a different coach.

Here is Scott Nord’s BU12, Region 88 account of his experience in Torrance where all the Core teams were playing. If you were part of a team and have pictures please send them to me so I can post them.

” Well I have recuperated from the National Games and just wanted to fill you in
on the experience.    First, I have to say that it was quite a thrill to be with
kids who play AYSO soccer from across this country.   We were fortunate to play
against players from as close as Hollywood and as far away as Trinidad.    We
(Ara, Serge, and myself) had dinner one night with coaches from Hawaii and
coached against coaches from Michigan and Idaho and talked to other coaches,
RCs, refs and volunteers from all parts of this country.   It was good to see
the shared AYSO philosophies in practice on a larger scale than just our Region
or Area.

As for our team, the U-12B played their hearts out.   Unfortunately, they came
up a little short in the Championship game and lost 2-1.    Overall, we played
10 games (2 scrimmages, 5 pool play and 3 medal round games) in 5 days.   The
boys gave up only 4 goals in 8 competitive games.   The boys had a blast at
Soccerfest (where they basically mix and match the kids from teams all across
the country).   They all got National Games jersey’s to wear.    They also
traded pins with kids from other teams and not a child left that field without a
Region 88 Sticker (or 2 or 10).   Lets just say the U12G had some fun plastering
our boys with Region 88 stickers.

As I told them, it was a once in a  lifetime experience and they should hold
their heads up and remember the entire National Games experience for the fun and
enjoyment it was.  ”

After Soccer fest

First Annual VIP Camp – Sponsored by Area 1C

by Jane Mason on February 7, 2014

VIP 1st Annual Camp

We have just finished hosting our first ever VIP camp, with our last day this Sunday 4/27, in South Pasadena.

This camp has been a huge success and we have had very positive feedback. I would like to say a big thank you to all involved in making this camp a success.

South Pasadena and Joe for hosting, Tom Regan my Area staff member for supporting and all the Region VIP Coordinators who have been out each week supporting and spreading the word

Thank you, with out you this would not happen.

Our next plan is a VIP game at our Area Tournament (Freeway Jam) in July.