Board of Directors

AYSO Area 1-C is governed by a volunteer board of directors. Current members of the board and their contact emails are listed below.

Position Name Email
Area Director Jane Mason
Asst. Area Director Marco Quezada
Area Referee Administrator Scott Davis
Director of Referee Assessment Bruce Hancock
Director of Referee Instruction Anne Louit
Area Coach Administrator Mike Stiles
Area Coach Trainer
Treasurer Frank Bagheri
Secretary Vicki Barstow
Post-Season Coordinator Craig Dunkin
YDP Coordinator Marco Quezada
VIP Coordinator Tom Regan
Area Management Administrator Jane Mason
Upper Division Coordinator Peter Smock
Area Auditor Hugo Correa
Public Relations
Women’s Advocate Sef Motearefi
Webmaster Albert Padley
Region 2 RC Peter Smock
Region 13 RC Al Prado
Region 40 RC Mario Garcia
Region 60 RC Rolando Morales
Region 88 RC Aldo Mascheroni
Region 98 RC Dave Lemos
Region 214 RC Maurice Saldebar
Region 908 RC Lisa Durcharme
Region 1304 RC Sandy Ponce